We at All On Dental always work for your comfort. These dental crown pre-operative instructions aim to give you helpful details on how to be ready for your crown treatment. Our guidelines are medical guidance provided to you by your dentist.

There isn’t much preparation that you must do before starting the treatment. Here are a couple of important do’s and don’ts that can make your journey stress-free.

Before Travelling for Your Dental Treatment:

Notify your dentist if you’re suffering from a cold, headache, or flu before your treatment.

Ensure that your passport is valid and has at least six months of validity. 

Check https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/ for details about An e-Visa, an official document permitting entry into and travel within Turkey.

Download the BI Taksi app for smooth transportation and taxi booking in Turkey. It is the local “Uber” in Turkey.

Communicate with our team about any illicit recreational drug use, don’t worry! Your privacy is as essential as your treatment satisfaction.

The Day Before The Dental Crowns Treatment:

Do your best to rest and chill. Have a good night’s rest the day before treatment, and get mentally ready for the big day.

Draft the questions you want to ask the dentist beforehand to use your time and the dentist’s time efficiently.

Day of The Dental Crowns Treatment:

Do not have caffeinated drinks on the day of the crown procedure.

Eat a proper meal before arriving at our clinic.

Brush and floss, and make sure that your teeth and mouth are clean.

Wear comfortable and loose clothes and comfortable shoes.

Bring your music (I-pod and headphones), or we can provide musical selections for you to listen to during your procedure. All you need is to share your favourite playlist with us.

Avoid wearing jewellery, makeup, cologne/perfume, and so on.

Bring your passport or ID and a list of medications you take daily if so.

Dental Crown Pre-Operative Don’ts & Do:

Alcohol Consumption:

Don’t drink alcohol two days before your dental crown treatment.

Alcohol works as a vasodilator, leading to open blood vessels and increased bleeding during your dental crown procedure.


Don’t smoke seven days before your dental crown treatment. 

Nicotine can raise the chance of infection during the dental crown procedure.

Dental Hygiene:

Brush and floss as you usually would. This will control oral bacteria and prevent potential infections and other complications during crown treatment and recovery.


Take your daily prescribed medications as usual. Please inform us about them as well.

Please tell us if you take aspirin and/or fish oils daily. If you take blood thinners, we will ask you to stop them seven days before the dental crowns and consult your cardiologist/house doctor. Aspirin can dilute the blood, resulting in increased bleeding during the crown process.

Medical History & Conditions:

Inform your dentist about any allergies or health situations that you might have.

Notify your dentist if you have/had cold or flu-like symptoms in the days before your treatment.

Please, provide any relevant medical records, daily prescribed medication, or test results if you have them. 

We advise you to consult your cardiologist and seek their approval if you have any cardiac-related issues.

Cost and Payment:

We prefer you pay the treatment fees in cash, as payments with credit cards and bank transfers are subject to extra taxes and expenses.

You don’t need to exchange Euro, GBP, or USD for Turkish Lira before arriving in Turkey.

Read about the dental crown procedure steps and the potential fees. At All On Dental, we will provide you with a detailed treatment plan and a trip cost breakdown.

If you plan to pay with a credit card in Turkey, inform your bank that you will carry out overseas transactions.

We recommend you bring cash with you. In Turkey, cash is the preferred payment method, and you won’t be charged extra bank-related charges.

After the Treatment:

Take a few days off work to relax and recover following treatment.

All On Dental can write a sick leave for up to 7 days for the dental crowns procedure.

Please read the Post-Operative Instructions for Dental Crowns guide for detailed information about what to do and don’t. 🙂


We love questions, and we are here for you!

Please send us your questions about your treatment, or call us directly.