1. General

1.1 The following terms and conditions are for individuals who use the All On Dental LTD. services (currently available at www.allondental.com) and services offered by All On Dental LTD (directed to below as “We,” “Us,” “Our,” etc.). Individuals are bound by these Terms and Conditions (referred to as “Terms”) (directed to below as “You,” “Your,” etc.).

1.2 These are the only conditions that apply. We will not accept general contractual clauses that deviate from these; Our communication with You or provision of services will not be construed as tacit approval of any deviating general contractual clauses.

1.3 We will not keep the contractual terms for You.

1.4 As a consumer, go to https://www.arabulucu.com/ to access the Turkish Online Dispute Resolution portal. Please be aware that All On Dental is not obligated or committed to using an alternate dispute resolution agency to handle consumer disputes. You can see our

2. Scope of Service

2.1 Our Services are dental treatments and an online platform connecting patients seeking dental care in Turkey with All On Dental clinics, doctors, and other dental service providers (collectively, “Clinics”). The Platform includes information on available dental treatments and searches capabilities that allow users to locate dental services and personal information. Based on your information, we contact the dentists we have investigated and selected to work with us to give you information and a free estimate on such treatments and the possibilities and costs involved for dental services as desired by You.

2.2 We provide dental services and assume a warranty for the accuracy of the information supplied by our doctors and clinics. Still, we also transfer data from You to the clinic, doctors, and vice-versa.

2.3 You can reserve, book, and manage Your desired treatment date (“Booking”) and appointment with the Clinics we cooperate with directly through Our Service. You can maintain and manage Your Booking through the use of Our Service.

2.4 You can reserve your dental appointment with our clinic by using our Service and arranging the All On Dental Service Fee payment. Please check “Payment Terms” for all pertinent information.

2.5 We are not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury during your accommodation at one of our partner hotels or during your journey using one of our partner transportation services. Any harm or injury resulting from dental treatments is our responsibility (Check the Dental Treatment guarantee policy section).

3. User Obligations and Conditions of Use

3.1 You must have the total legal capacity and be at least 18 years old or older.

3.2 You undertake only to make accurate and complete statements when submitting information to our clinic, dentists, or another dental service provider who works with us.

3.3 If your medical situation or any other information You provided changes or you become aware that the information You provided was inaccurate or incomplete, You will notify Us in writing to update the relevant information.

3.4 By providing copyrighted or other intellectual property-protected material, you grant Us a non-exclusive, perpetual restricted worldwide licence to use this material to the extent necessary to perform our services as agreed. This licence gives you the right to keep and disclose such information to Us, our clinic, dentists, or another dental care provider who works with us to get information about available treatments and a cost estimate.

4. Payment Terms

4.1 The following Payment Terms apply to the use of our Services as specified in “2.4 following a treatment booking.”

4.2 The payment terms are a legally binding contract between You and Us. Section 5: “Right of Withdrawal” explains your withdrawal rights.

4.3 Our consultation service is free of charge, as is the use of the internet platform and other linked All On Dental websites (post-treatment follow-up, pre-treatment calls, and assistant). We will add the cost of your dental treatment, hotel stay, and transportation inside Istanbul to your bill.

4.4 If applicable, the Service Fee may comprise the following “Payments”:

All On Dental will collect your dental service fee via payment methods such as credit card, bank account, or cash.

Refund of the dental service fee to you, in case of Dental Treatment guarantee policy application, will be via bank transfer, cash, or any money transfer method we see possible.

4.5 Our dental service fees, excluding hotel and transportation, are listed on our website. Maintaining a dental treatment appointment with our Clinics and doctors is free of charge; the costs are for cash payment, and the service fee includes the 19 per cent Turkish VAT.

4.6 You must first register to use the Service Fee and our payment options. You and we must follow all general terms and our “Conditions of Use, User Obligations.”

5. Coupon

5.1 You can use discount coupons from All On Dental for any future dental services at our clinic. You can also give this coupon to your loved ones and friends.

5.2 You can use only one coupon per treatment, and it can only be used when booking with All On Dental. You cannot combine other deals with coupons; only one person can benefit from the same coupon.

5.3 Coupons are only valid for one transaction; any remaining funds cannot be exchanged for cash or another coupon and must be forfeited.

5.4 Coupons can be regarded null and void without the expiration date and authorised signature, seal, and other authentication indicators, or if tampered with.

5.5 The redeemer is responsible for any costs exceeding the coupons’ value.

5.6 It is illegal to offer promo codes in any form.

5.7 All On Dental retains the right to end a coupon or change the terms and conditions of any coupon.

5.8 All On Dental will not be liable to any customer for any financial loss resulting from a promotional coupon’s refusal, cancellation, or withdrawal, or a customer’s failure or inability to utilise a promotional coupon.

5.9 All On Dental has the right to refuse redemption if they suspect a coupon is being utilised by someone other than the intended recipient or the authorised person by you.

All On Dental vouchers are valid six (6) months after being issued.

6. Referral Reward Plan

6.1 “Become A Referral” is a limited-time special offer only applicable during the advertised term.

6.2 Only valid for new bookings with All On Dental if you haven’t begun your inquiry process yet.

6.3 The referrer will receive 25% of the treatment gross payment paid by the referred person. (excluding hotel and transportation payments)

6.4 The total treatment cost must be paid in full at the clinic at treatment time.

6.5 Treatment can begin after May 2022. (depending on availability).

6.6 You will be asked to submit photos, videos, and reviews to All On Dental. You agree to share in the first month, the third month, the sixth month, the ninth month, and the twelfth month after treatment.

A- Pictures of the Before and After

B- Short videos show how satisfied you are with your dental treatment and All On Dental services.

C- Full details of your booking and treatment experience with All On Dental.

6.7 You acknowledge that All On Dental owns the outcomes and proceeds of the services supplied hereunder, including all ideas, themes, materials, and designs generated, created, and/or provided by you for all purposes worldwide. You hereby assign and transfer to All On Dental all right, title, ownership, and interest therein, whether known or unknown, including, but not limited to, all copyright rights therein, the right to secure the copyright (and all renewals, reissues, and extensions thereof) throughout the world, without any restrictions on use.

6.8 The referrer person should contact All On Dental directly and provide the referred person’s contact details. The reward cannot be claimed if All On Dental receives the referred person’s contact details from any other source.

7. Limited Liability

7.1 We will only be liable for damages suffered by You if (1) Our directors caused them, employees, dentists, or agents with intent or gross negligence; (2) resulting from the death or personal injury caused by a breach of obligations by Our directors, employees, dentists, or agents; (3) covered by the Product Safety and Technical Regulations Law 7223 (ÜRÜN GÜVENL VE TEKNK DÜZENLEMELER KANUNU ve UYGULAMA YNETMELK) (4) a contractual guarantee or resulting from purposeful deception on the part of Our directors, dentists, employees, or agents, and caused by a breach of an obligation that is required for the performance of the agreement and that the contract partner can generally anticipate not to be breached.

7.2 The aforementioned restrictions of responsibility shall apply mutatis mutandis to Our directors, employees, and agents’ personal liabilities. They will not alter the statutory burden of proof rules.

7.3 All On Dental is only liable if the individuals indicated above were All On Dental employees when the incident happened. All On Dental is not responsible for the acts or behaviour of previous employees.

8. External Links, Intellectual Property Rights

8.1 We or Our licensors control all intellectual property rights on the website (including content, graphics, software, photos, and other images, videos, sound, trademarks, and trademarks). Besides, as expressly stated herein, nothing in these Terms grants You any rights regarding any intellectual property owned by All On Dental or Our licensors. You understand that downloading information, accessing the website, or using the Service does not grant you ownership rights.

8.2 Our website may contain connections to external sites, including links to third-party offers and promotions, from time to time. These are included to give You access to information, products, or services that you might find helpful or interesting. We are not responsible for the content of these sites or any services they provide, and we cannot guarantee that they will be unrestricted at all times. We do not advocate or have any affiliation with the operators or promoters of these websites simply because We provide links to them.

9. Data Protection

Your privacy is critical to us. In addition to these Terms, Our Privacy Policy governs Your use of our online services. The Privacy Policy contains more information on the treatment of personal data in our range of services.


10.1 The following conditions must be met to apply for the dental treatment guarantee policy:

1) You booked and received your dental treatment with All On Dental.

2) Your treatment date is post-August 1st, 2021, and at/with one of All On Dental’s clinics and doctors documented.

3) You attended a check-up in our clinic after three or a full six months of your treatment for smile makeover treatments (Veneers, Crowns, restorations on top of Implants).

4) You have confirmed that the success of the treatment did not happen. A signed evaluation and report by a licensed dentist within the respective dental field and an X-ray are necessary for proof and record.

5) The treatment-specific conditions apply (Section C below).

6) With All On Dental, You unsuccessfully attempted to fix the matter with the clinic management.

7) No double compensation. You have not yet been refunded by any third party, e.g., credit card institution, insurance, or directly by All On Dental.

8) The patient has to attend a check-up every six months and submit a dental report from the respective dentist for follow-up.

9) The patient has to submit/send multiple clear photos of the mouth and teeth every three months, showing the gums and the teeth as the example photo sent by the patient coordinator.

10) All On Dental’s Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy covers the following:

11) All On Dental’s Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy covers the following:

For Dental Crowns And Veneers 

1) Break or Chip off the crown or veneer due to inadequate dental practice.

2) Dislocation of crown or veneer because of insufficient dental glueing practice is not the patient’s fault.

3) All On Dental will cover all the issues mentioned above for 8 Years if the materials are veneers, crowns, Emax Empress or Zirconium.

4) All On Dental would not cover these issues if the veneers or crowns were made of composite materials.

5) All On Dental will not cover gum-related issues except if the restorations cause gum-related problems. A signed evaluation and report by a licensed dentist within the respective dental field and an X-ray are necessary for proof and record.

Implants, All On 4, All On 6, and All On 8.

1) The dental implant was displaced due to improper installation.

2) Dental implant factory’s mistake chances are less than 5%, and the dental implant factory gives international passports and lifetime guarantees on the dental implant.

3) All On Dental will replace any failed implant that does not withstand the loading phase of the restorations initially. The patient must have the implant & the restorations at All On Dental Clinics.

4) All On Dental guarantees the success of the implants for a lifetime. The guarantee credits go to the factory with the international passport and All On Dental.

5) You must submit the implant’s international passport when applying for the Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy application.

6) The guarantee on the restorations on top of the implants follows the dental crowns and veneers conditions.


10.2 If one of the following criteria applies, the Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy is not applicable:

1) The specialist responsible for the treatment evaluated the dental treatment/result as successful. No signed evaluation by a licensed dentist within the respective dental field is presented to indicate the opposite, and an X-ray as proof.

2) In case of no dental check-ups attended at All On Dental Clinic or any dental clinic abroad, a dental evaluation report is necessary every six months post-treatment, accompanied by X-rays.

3) You have already received after/ post-treatment compensation and benefits or treatment by All On Dental or any third party.

4) The guarantee doesn’t cover the treatment for poor oral hygiene or occlusal overload.

5) Gum-related disease and gum tissues crawling/receding around the implant or the crown.

6) Suppose you are a Smoking/health status history associated with diseases that can conflict with the dental treatment healing. In that case, the guarantee doesn’t cover the treatment.

7) If you use your teeth as tools and constantly chew on hard surfaces.

8) You are not wearing your night guard if you have bruxism.

9) If the aftercare guidance given by the dentist is not adequately followed.

10) If the patient’s gum tissues or bone tissue levels are naturally receding.

11) In the event of accidental damage.

12) If the patient loses/gains significant weight during a short period.

13) A general illness can adversely affect the patient’s dental health and restorations (e.g., diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, cancer, chemotherapy).

14) Suppose the patient is an alcoholic or smokes a lot. Dental studies show that smoking is associated with various oral issues, counting periodontal disease, bone tissue loss, gum tissue loss, tooth loss, edentulism, peri-implantitis, and dental implant failure. Smoking damages dental implant restorations but is also bad for conventional crowns/bridge works. 

15) Suppose another dentist carries out any corrective treatment on the repairs you received from All On Dental without All On Dental’s prior consent and approval.

16) Suppose the patient fails to inform All On Dental as soon as problems occur.

17) In patients with (a history of) periodontal problems, you should have regular cleaning every three months or as directed by the doctor.

18) If the patient went directly to a third-party review or platform to complain about the treatment rather than solve the matter internally with our quality team.

10.3 Treatment Particular Conditions:

Minimum medical collective conditions:

1) You strictly followed All On Dental and the dentist’s pre-and post-operative guidelines.

2) You have no history of medical conditions and do not take any medicines/illicit drugs which could affect your result. The Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy will not cover the additional session if your procedure requires many sessions.

3) In the case of two or more treatment phases, each phase will be looked at and treated separately in this policy.

10.4 Miscellaneous:

The Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy is only covering for the following items:

1) Flight ticket to and from Istanbul in the time that All On Dental provide and up to €400.

2) The accommodation in Istanbul for the treatment correction days in the hotels that All On Dental clinic agrees/deals with.

3) Ground transportation is provided as a service and not compensated (Limited to Airport Pick up and drop off, hotel to clinic transportation, vice versa” Your Hotel must be in the city center of Taksim, Sisli, Sultan Ahmet & Fatih).

4) Re-do/Correction of the treatment deemed unsuccessful and proved unsuccessful according to section A.

Extra costs, including but not limited to travel, time, and living costs, are not covered.

Legal Nature: With the Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy, All On Dental guarantees promise as a goodwill gesture. We, Herby, confirm that this guarantee is a valid and bounding contract to protect the mutual rights of All On Dental and You, the patient.

11. Concluding Provisions

11.1 To exclude the regulations governing the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods (UMSS) and the rules governing conflicts of laws, these Terms shall be governed by Turkish law. Any debate arising out of or in connection with these Terms and/or the legal relationship between You and Us will be determined exclusively by the courts of Istanbul, and you irrevocably submit to their jurisdiction.

11.2 These Terms set forth the entire understanding between You and Us regarding using our website and services.

11.3 Individual provisions of these Terms may be or become ineffective in whole or in part, but the contract will remain in force. Failure to assert any of our rights does not imply a waiver of such rights.

11.4 Any or all of Your rights or obligations under any relationship with us may not be transferred or assigned.

11.5 You must send all notices to us in writing to the address specified in the website’s imprint. We may notify you via email or snail mail, depending on which address you gave when contacting Us.