Tooth Filling

Tooth filling removes the decaying parts from the tooth and fills the resulting cavity with a substitute material. Several tooth filler materials are used in the treatment. The objective is to save the tooth root and stop future decay from causing irremediable harm to the offending tooth.

Tooth Filling In A Nutshell

Tooth Filling is For

• Individuals with tooth decay.

• Individuals with cracked or broken teeth.

• Individuals with overly worn teeth.

Tooth Filling Treatment In Turkey

• Minimum stay: 1 Day

• Number of trips: 1 Visit

Tooth Filling Treatment Duration

• Thirty minutes to an hour.

Tooth Filling Recovery Period

• Patients are usually free to continue their daily routine after treatment.

• A little pain and sensitivity might stay for three days after a tooth filling.

• Eating and drinking should be avoided till the local anaesthesia wear off.

Tooth Filling Success Rate

• The success rate of tooth fillings is nearly 100%.

• A few patients undergo tooth or filling extraction due to more extensive decay than earlier.

Possible Risks & Side Effects

• Infection if the filling detaches from the tooth.

• Harm to the tooth often results in the need for a tooth extraction.

• Allergic reactions to the materials used to form fillers, although sporadic.

Alternative Treatments

• Dental Crown

• Dental Veneers

How Much Does Tooth Filling Cost In Turkey?

Prices of tooth filling have steadied in the last years. Regardless, general costs can still be conditional on the doctor you choose and the country you have the treatment. Down, we’ve summarised starting costs for one tooth filling in several different locations. Remember that these are not set or assured and may vary based on many other factors.

Tooth Filling TypePrice In US $
Composite Tooth Filling$60

Ceramic Filling

Inlay Onlay Overlay

CountryPrice In US $
Czech Republic$80
United Kingdom$220

What Is the Tooth Filling Procedure?

A tooth filling applies “loading” the cavity in a tooth caused by decay with dental filling materials. Your dentist must first clear all of the decay. The selected material is then loaded into the space within the tooth to protect it from pain, sensitivity, and future decay.

Tooth Filling: Step by Step Guide

1. Anesthetic

As your dentist removes decay that could be near the tooth nerve, a local anaesthetic is essential. A pair of injections will likely be needed, straight into the gum surrounding the tooth.

2. Decay Removal

Once the site is numb, your doctor will begin removing the dead and decayed parts from within your tooth. This might involve using a dental drill, a laser, or a fast air jet. A range of instruments is used to guarantee that every piece of decay is entirely cleared.

3. Cleaning

When all the decay is removed, your dentist will clean the tooth cavity to prepare for your filling. This step is crucial as it prevents future decay and guarantees that the filling stays in place.

4. Tooth Filling

The filler material is laid gradually in layers. Each layer is exposed to a special light that hardens it before the next layer is applied. Once all the layers are in position, your dentist will shape the filling to the preferred shape. Extra filler is removed, and the filling is then smoothed.

What Are The Different Types Of Tooth Filling?

There are six main types of tooth filling in service today. Which one you’re presented with will depend on your dentist’s selections and your budget.

1. Amalgam fillings: robust and reliable. They’re constructed from several metallic materials and can last a lifetime. Nevertheless, they’re not aesthetically satisfying. They usually look black – making them very apparent when you laugh or smile. Still in use today, amalgam fillings are generally the most affordable choice.

2. Metals: Metal fillings have a particular aesthetic for which some people are ready to spend a premium. Usually silver or gold, metal fillings are costly. They are up to ten times more expensive than those constructed with amalgam. You should expect your gold or silver tooth fillings to stay for about ten and twenty years.

3. Composite: Composite fillings are very famous these days as they can be simulated to match the exact color of your surrounding teeth. Composite fillings are highly durable and almost invisible, formed with mixed resins and fillers like glass and quartz. More individuals are going for composite fillings for a good reason. Your dentist can color them to blend in with surrounding teeth seamlessly. They bond chemically with teeth, giving them added stability and longevity. Also, composite fillers are more adaptable than other options. Your dentist can use them to fill smaller, awkwardly-shaped cavities – so less tooth preparation is needed.

4. Ceramic: A ceramic filling is created to look exactly like the tooth it covers – but with the advantage of being resistant to coloration. Unfortunately, the ceramic filling is often just as costly as gold.

5. Glass ionomer: Glass ionomer is a glass and acrylic blend. It’s not as long-lasting as the other materials used to make tooth fillings. Still, it releases fluoride at frequent intervals – an excellent method to keep a damaged tooth robust.

6. Temporary fillings: They are created with cheaper materials as they’re usually only predicted to survive a week or two. They’re used when someone is waiting for permanent dental restorations. They’re also used to fill the hole in a tooth immediately after a root canal procedure.

What Should I Expect From Tooth Filling?

Tooth Fillings are an everyday, ordinary job for dentists. If everything runs as planned, don’t expect to be in the dentist’s chair for more than 30 minutes. Based on the scale of the situation, you may be offered more than one pain-killing injection. Just try to stay calm and motionless during the procedure. Your dentist will recommend you avoid temperature extremes for two days. You might feel a little pain.

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