Our dental treatment guarantee policy aims to guarantee our patients the highest patient satisfaction standards when getting dental treatments in All On Dental clinics in Turkey. This warranty is another example of our commitment to ensuring that you receive the desired treatment results.


With All On Dental, you are our only priority. We will re-do your second treatment if you don’t get the promised results and the treatment is proved unsuccessful.

Please, view the full Terms and Conditions that apply to our Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy below.

Terms & Conditions Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy

A-This request for your Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy is being made under the following collective conditions:

1) You booked and received your dental treatment with All On Dental.

2) Your treatment date is post-August 1st, 2021, and at/with one of All On Dental’s clinics and doctors documented.

3) You attended a check-up in our clinic after three or a full six months of your treatment for smile makeover treatments (Veneers, Crowns, restorations on top of Implants) or made check up at your local dentist and send us the report.

4) You have confirmed that the success of the treatment did not happen. A signed evaluation and report by a licensed dentist within the respective dental field and an X-ray are necessary for proof and record.

5) The treatment-specific conditions apply (Section C below).

6) With All On Dental, You unsuccessfully attempted to fix the matter with the clinic management.

7) No double compensation. You have not yet been refunded by any third party, e.g., credit card institution, insurance, or directly by All On Dental.

8) The patient has to attend a check-up every six months at their local dentist, and submit a dental report from the respective dentist for follow-up.

9) The patient has to submit/send multiple clear photos of the mouth and teeth every three months, showing the gums and the teeth as the example photo sent by the patient coordinator.

10) All On Dental’s Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy covers the following:

– For Dental Crowns And Veneers 

A) Break or Chip off the crown or veneer due to inadequate dental practice.

B) Dislocation of crown or veneer because of insufficient dental glueing practice.

C) All On Dental will cover all the issues mentioned above for 10 Years if the materials are veneers, crowns, Emax Empress or Zirconium.

D) All On Dental would not cover these issues if the veneers or crowns were made of composite materials.

E) All On Dental will not consider this guarantee valid in case any gum-related issues except if the restorations cause gum-related problems. A signed evaluation and report by a licensed dentist within the respective dental field and an X-ray are necessary for proof and record.

– Dental Implants, All On 4, All On 6, and All On 8.

A) The dental implant was displaced due to improper installation.

B) Dental implant factory’s mistake chances are less than 5%, and the dental implant factory gives international passports and lifetime guarantees on the dental implant.

C) All On Dental will replace any failed implant that does not withstand the loading phase of the restorations initially. The patient must have the implant & the restorations at All On Dental Clinics.

D) All On Dental guarantees the success of the implants for a lifetime. The guarantee credits go to the factory with the international passport and All On Dental.

E) You must submit the implant’s international passport when applying for the Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy application.

F) The guarantee on the restorations on top of the implants follows the dental crowns and veneers conditions.

B-The Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy Application is not applicable if one of the following conditions apply:

1) The specialist responsible for the treatment evaluated the dental treatment/result as successful. No signed evaluation by a licensed dentist within the respective dental field is presented to indicate the opposite, and an X-ray as proof.

2) In case of no dental check-ups attended at All On Dental Clinic or any dental clinic abroad, a dental evaluation report is necessary every six months post-treatment, accompanied by X-rays.

3) You have already received after/ post-treatment compensation and benefits or treatment by All On Dental or any third party.

4) The guarantee doesn’t cover the treatment for poor oral hygiene or occlusal overload.

5) Gum-related disease and gum tissues crawling/receding around the implant or the crown.

6) Suppose you are a Smoking/health status history associated with diseases that can conflict with the dental treatment healing. In that case, the guarantee doesn’t cover the treatment.

7) If you use your teeth as tools and constantly chew on hard surfaces.

8) You are not wearing your night guard if you have bruxism.

9) If the aftercare guidance given by the dentist is not adequately followed.

10) If the patient’s gum tissues or bone tissue levels are naturally receding.

11) In the event of accidental damage.

12) If the patient loses/gains significant weight during a short period.

13) A general illness can adversely affect the patient’s dental health and restorations (e.g., diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, cancer, chemotherapy).

14) Suppose the patient is an alcoholic or smokes a lot. Dental studies show that smoking is associated with various oral issues, counting periodontal disease, bone tissue loss, gum tissue loss, tooth loss, edentulism, peri-implantitis, and dental implant failure. Smoking damages dental implant restorations but is also bad for conventional crowns/bridge works. 

15) Suppose another dentist carries out any corrective treatment on the repairs you received from All On Dental without All On Dental’s prior consent and approval.

16) Suppose the patient fails to inform All On Dental as soon as problems occur.

17) In patients with (a history of) periodontal problems, you should have regular cleaning every three months or as directed by the doctor.

18) If the patient went directly to a third-party review or platform to complain about the treatment rather than solve the matter internally with our quality team.

C-Treatment Particular Conditions:

Minimum medical collective conditions:

1) You strictly followed All On Dental and the dentist’s pre-and post-operative guidelines.

2) You have no history of medical conditions and do not take any medicines/illicit drugs which could affect your result. The Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy will not cover the additional session if your procedure requires many sessions.

3) In the case of two or more treatment phases, each phase will be looked at and treated separately in this policy.


The Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy is only covering for the following items:

1) Flight ticket to and from Istanbul in the time that All On Dental provide and up to €400.

2) The accommodation in Istanbul for the treatment correction days in the hotels that All On Dental clinic agrees/deals with.

3) Ground transportation is provided as a service and not compensated (Limited to Airport Pick up and drop off, hotel to clinic transportation, vice versa” Your Hotel must be in the city center of Taksim, Sisli, Sultan Ahmet & Fatih).

4) Re-do/Correction of the treatment deemed unsuccessful and proved unsuccessful according to section A.

Extra costs, including but not limited to travel, time, and living costs, are not covered.

Legal Nature: With the Dental Treatment Guarantee Policy, All On Dental guarantees promise as a goodwill gesture. We, Herby, confirm that this guarantee is a valid and bounding contract to protect the mutual rights of All On Dental and You, the patient.