Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are a long-term answer for missing teeth and work like natural teeth. They’re sculpted from titanium and then surgically implanted into your jawbone, where they can fuse with surrounding bone tissue. After some time, dental crowns are fitted to the part of the implant that shows above your gums.

After the treatment, you end up with the natural feel of your tooth, though it is more robust and less likely to chip or break. After all, your new tooth feels and looks like a real one with dental implant surgery.

Dental Implants In A Nutshell

Dental Implants Are For

• Replace a single missing tooth.

• Replace several missing teeth.

• Replace a denture with a dental bridge supported on several implants.

• People with sufficient bone density in the jaw (otherwise, bone grafting might be needed).

Dental Implants Treatment In Turkey

Minimum stay: First trip 1 – 3 days, Second trip 5 – 7 days

Number of trips: 2

Dental Implants Treatment Duration

• The placement of a dental implant takes about 1-2 hours under local anaesthesia and three days trip to Turkey.

• It takes about three to six months to heal your gums and jawbone.

• The preparation of dental crowns takes 5-7 days. Once the crowns are ready, placing them takes about 1-2 hours.

Recovery Period

• The implant area and gums usually take about ten days to heal.

• The healing period after an implant procedure typically takes 3-6 months.

Success Rate

• About 98% of dental implant procedures are successful.

Possible Risks & Side Effects

• Implant failure (5-10% incidence).

• Infection at the implant area.

• Harm or damage to the surrounding (teeth or blood vessels).

• Nerve harm during placement of the implant, generating pain or numbness.

• Failure in the implant integration to the jawbone.

Alternative Treatments

• All-on-4 Implants

• All-on-6 Implants

• Dental Crowns

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In Turkey?

Finding reasonable dental implant costs can be a challenge. But, you can put your mind at ease when working with our team of dental implant specialists. But, the expense that you pay for the implants can vary based on different aspects.

• The class of material used to create the crowns.

The number of implants needed.

The place of the damaged or missing teeth.

Whether supporting procedures like bone grafting or a sinus lift are required.

The dentist and clinic that you desire.

Whether you decide to get dental implants in Turkey or abroad (usually lower prices).

All On Dental Implants Price

We have listed the starting prices for a single dental implant across a few different countries if you are looking for dental implants. These prices are not settled or guaranteed and may vary from case to case, depending on various factors.

Implant Brand Brand OriginPrice In US $
Straumann® Medentika ImplantSwiss – German$500
Straumann® ImplantSwiss€750
Bego / Medigma ImplantGerman$450
CountryPrice In US $
Czech Republic$1200 
United Kingdom$2180 

Why Do I Need Dental Implants? Are They Good for Me?

Dental implants offer a long-lasting solution to many dental problems and improve your mouth’s health, stability, and overall appearance.

The treatment might be good for you if:

• You have one or multiple lost or damaged teeth.

• You’re unable to use dentures.

• You’re seeking a long-lasting treatment for your dental health.

• The jawbone density is sufficient. You don’t have any underlying health situations that will impact bone healing.

• You have the time to commit to the treatment process.

• You’re a non-smoker.

Dental Implant Procedure: What Is Dental Implant?

Dental implants are small titanium posts implanted in an area of your jaw. These posts, made of surgical-grade titanium or zirconia and shaped to resemble a tooth, consist of three parts.

1. The implant: A titanium post that mimics a tooth root.

2. The abutment: A connector between the implant and dental crown serves as a screw.

3. The crown: Prosthesis, which sits atop the abutment.

Once the abutment tightens into the implant and the tissue sutured, the area is left to heal and stabilize. After around three months, the crown is installed to deliver the implant a natural look.

Getting a dental implant in Turkey can be an attractive option for people looking for immediate results. The procedure is straightforward and fast, with a single operation achieving all three treatment process stages: the fitting of the implant, abutment, and final crown. Still, some dentists might recommend three months between treatment phases. It’s possible to have everything done in two appointments (although perhaps not advisable), making the entire process considerably quicker.

What Does a Dental Implant Procedure Involve?

As with any surgical procedure, the length of a dental implant procedure, and the number of visits required, varies from person to person. This is often because implanted teeth and surrounding areas can heal at different rates for each person and usually takes between 5-12 months, depending on the bone support required.

However long the whole process takes, there are standard steps that each patient will move through.

1. Treatment Preparation:

X-rays of the mouth are taken to check the health of the teeth and decide if any additional bone grafting or sinus lift treatments are required.

2. Bone grafting:

If there’s insufficient natural jawbone density in the area of the planned implant, your dentist will add either natural or synthetic bone material to support the implant.

3. Implantation:

A particular dental drill is used to create the room for the dental implant. The implant is then installed into the jawbone, closing the gums.

4. Healing:

Osseointegration, the process in which the implant integrates and becomes a part of the jawbone — takes about 4-6 months. This is usually called the healing period.

5. Final restoration:

The abutment is connected to the implant when the gum tissues are completely healed. Impressions of the mouth are taken using a CAD/CAM system to create a crown, and once the custom-made crown is prepared, it’s placed on top of the abutment.

6. Aftercare:

Some minor bruises and swelling in the gum tissues may arise following a dental implant procedure. A good brushing practice and routine (every 6-12 months) check-ups with your dentist are crucial for sustaining the health and stability of your dental implant.

What Should I Expect After My Dental Implant Procedure?

Once your dental implant surgery is done, after 4-6 months post-implantation, you should begin seeing the benefits of the procedure.

• Confidence in smiling, eating, and talking: Stylish, natural-looking dental crowns and implants are created to match the color and shape of natural teeth. This should let you eat, talk, and smile more confidently than earlier.

• Your jawbones will get stronger: Dental implants stimulate the growth of the jawbone during osseointegration, making the area stronger and healthier.

• Good dental hygiene: Unlike movable dentures, a tooth implant is stable and fixed to the jawbone, and with proper oral hygiene, they are a durable and long-lasting solution.

Dental Implant Procedure: Restoring Multiple Lost Teeth

Dental implants can be performed to restore a single tooth or an entire row of teeth. If your gum tissues are healthy and you have enough bone in your jaw, your dentist may advise you to have multiple dental implants fitted. There are various treatment options for people who require this.

All-On-4 Dental Implants

The all-on-4 implant procedure involves a full-arch restoration where four implants support all the teeth implants. It starts by placing the four implants (which will hold 10-14 custom-made crowns) in the maxilla, the mandible, or both.

All-On-6 Dental Implants

Comparable to the All-On-4 implant system, the All-On-6 implant technique involves positioning six dental implants in the upper or lower jawbone to hold 10-14 custom-made crowns.

All-On-4 and All-On-6 implant systems are suggested for people suffering from significant tooth decay or loss or those with a low jawbone density in the jaw area, preventing them from getting separate tooth implants.

3-on-6 Dental Implants

Like the All-On-6 Implant system, 3-on-6 dental implants consist of three separate dental bridges connected to six dental implants. This restoration is similar to a dental bridge and All-On-6 Implant but with titanium roots rather than natural teeth. The procedure is ideal for full-mouth or jaw restoration, as it restores the natural function of the teeth by evenly distributing bite forces.

Dental Implant Procedure: Turkey or at Home?

Turkey has seen a notable rise in the number of people travelling to have dental implants. There are a few good reasons for this.

Travelling for dental implants to Turkey is becoming more favoured due to:

1. Prices for dental implants abroad — like in Turkey, where they start at just €600 — are usually much more reasonable than in the UK and Europe.

2. Some of the most highly experienced and recognized dental implant experts are in Turkey.

3. The standards and quality of care at dental clinics in Turkey match — and often surpass — those of UK and European dental clinics

4. Traveling for dental treatment in Turkey lets you access some of the highest-quality facilities.

Getting Dental Implants In Turkey: How Does It Go?

Every year, hundreds of patients travel for dental implants procedure in Turkey. But, before booking your treatment, here are a few common tips from us.

How Will I Start My Consultation?

We recommend you to reach our medical assistants via email or WhatsApp and share your medical and dental data, such as images of your mouth x-ray scans. All On Dental team will thoroughly prepare your treatment plan and set online consultation with you before booking your flight tickets.

How Long Will I Need to Be in Turkey?

Patients are usually in Turkey for two nights in the first phase, depending on their treatment plan. But, to get dental implants in Turkey, you’ll need to make two separate travels. After 4-6 months from the first phase, you will come again to craft the crowns on top of the implants. The implant and any necessary bone grafting are to be done on the first trip, after which you’ll travel home to give the treated area time to heal before returning to fitting the abutment and the crown.

How Does the Aftercare Phase Work When I Reach Home?

When you are home after your first visit, and after your dental implant process is complete after the second travel, you’ll still be able to contact your dentist in our clinic for any concerns or questions. This will apply throughout your entire treatment till the post-op recovery phase. We have a well-trained follow-up team to assist you before, during, and after your treatment is done.

Will My Dentist in Turkey Speak English?

The belief of being unable to communicate perfectly with your dentist is undoubtedly a turn-off. But, all our high-quality dentists in All On Dental clinic speak English fluently. On top of that, All On Dental offer translation services as part of the treatment package price.

Why Choose All On Dental For Dental Implants?

Our mission is to make dental care an accessible reality for everyone who needs it conveniently, ably, and comfortably. By performing all stages of dentistry in-house, we can dedicate all our expertise to you and your case. In this way, we can provide patients with dental implants in Istanbul that are beautiful, comfy to wear, and long-lasting enough to last a lifetime.

We put the patient first; we are on a mission to revolutionize healthcare. The urge to get high-quality, affordable dental care shouldn’t be defined by your location, which is why All On Dental exists.

100% Free Online Consultation: We’re here to help – whether you book your dental treatment with us. Our free 100% non-binding assessment is an easy, convenient way to determine which dental treatment is the best for you. Find out in just one email or call if it’s right for you.

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All-Inclusive Packages: First travel to Turkey? We offer all-inclusive packages covering everything, including hotel accommodation, airport pick-up, and transfers to and from our clinic. Please book your flights and leave the rest to our patient service team. They will stay with you throughout your treatment to ensure everything goes as planned.