Teeth Cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning is a cosmetic and preventive dental procedure. Cosmetic dentists can bring about excellent results by using state-of-the-art polishing tools, changing how your teeth look and feel. However, the treatment is also a sufficient health intervention, helping stop the development of conditions like periodontitis.

Teeth Cleaning In A Nutshell

Teeth Cleaning Is For

• Individuals with stains or plaque after they brush or floss in traditional ways.

• Individuals with tooth discolouration, either due to ageing processes or behaviours like smoking.

• Individuals at risk of gum diseases and recession.

• Those who have bad breath seek adequate treatment.

Teeth Cleaning Treatment In Turkey

• Days of stay: 1 Day

• Number of trips: 1 Visit

Teeth Cleaning Treatment Duration

• Based on the scale of the procedure, it can take between 30 Min to 2 hours.

Teeth Cleaning Recovery Period

• You can go home and continue your daily routine directly.

• Sensitivity sensation may arise for 3-4 days.

• Dentists may suggest avoiding sugary or sour meals for a short time.

Possible Risks & Side Effects

• Soreness around the gums and bleeding in rare cases. Increased sensitivity to cold or hot beverages and food.

• Bacterial infection and swelling if deep cleaning is needed. This will decrease within a few days.

Teeth Cleaning Success Rate

• Professional teeth cleaning has an almost 100% success rate. However, the results are not permanent, staining, or appear after the treatment.

Alternative Treatments

• Dental Veneers

• Dental Crowns

How Much Does Teeth Cleaning Cost In Turkey?

Prices of teeth cleaning have steadied in the last years. Regardless, general costs can still be conditional on the doctor you choose and the country you have the treatment. Down, we’ve summarised starting prices for teeth cleaning (1 session) in several different locations. Remember that these are not set or assured and may vary based on many other factors.

TreatmentCleaningAnaesthesiaPrice In US $
Teeth CleaningOnly TeethNot Required$50
Deep CleaningTeeth & GumsRequired$100
CountryPrice In US $
Czech Republic$80
United Kingdom$180

What Is the Teeth Cleaning Procedure?

Teeth cleaning is a standard dental practice that has two primary aims. Firstly, it can enhance the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. Secondly, it can help stop severe dental conditions such as gum recession and caries. The process tends to be non-invasive and can be performed very fast. However, invasiveness and treatment durations differ. Several methods are categorized as “deep” or “standard.” Your dentist should suggest precisely the proper technique to improve your dental health.

Teeth Cleaning: Step by Step Guide

Dentists will use polishers, air jets, and automatic scrapers when surface cleaning is needed to remove plaque and additional forms of debris in basic dental cleaning techniques. Dentists may use special electric toothbrushes to apply abrasive toothpaste in these processes. Dentists may also perform flossing of all tooth corners and fluoride-based gels. However, a “deep” cleaning practice can complete more long-lasting outcomes. Here is how it is usually done:

1. Consultation

A dental hygienist does most teeth cleanings. Before the basic cleaning procedure starts, they start with a physical evaluation of your whole mouth.

The dental hygienist will inspect your teeth and gums using a small mirror for any indications of inflamed gums or other possible problems.

If they see significant problems, the dental hygienist might call the dentist to ensure it’s OK to proceed.

2. Scaling And Brushing

With the small dental mirror to direct them, the dental hygienist uses a dental scaler to clear the plaque and tartar near your gum line and between your teeth. The more tartar built-up in your mouth, the longer they’ll need to scrape a specific spot.

Brushing and flossing stop plaque from forming into tartar. When you have tartar, the only way to remove it is at your dentist’s office.

3. Toothpaste Cleaning

After your teeth are entirely tartar-free, the hygienist brushes them with a high-powered automatic brush, causing a grinding noise.

Professional teeth cleanings use toothpaste that smells and tastes like standard toothpaste. It has a gritty texture that gently cleans your teeth. This teeth polishing is recommended to do twice a year.

4. Flossing

Your dental hygienist will get in-depth between your teeth and uncover potential trouble spots where you might bleed at the gums.

Having a dental hygienist floss your teeth also clears any leftover plaque or toothpaste earlier in the cleaning process.

5. Rinsing

Following, you wash out your mouth to get rid of any debris. Your dental hygienist will usually offer you a mouth wash with liquid fluoride.

6. Using Fluoride Treatment

The final step in the cleaning treatment is a fluoride treatment application to help resist cavities for several months.

Your dental hygienist will place a foamy gel into a mouthpiece that sits over your teeth. Fluoride varnish is also brushed onto the teeth with a small dental brush.

What Are The Different Types Of Teeth Cleaning?

Yes, the type of cleaning suggested differs for other patients. If a cosmetic cleaning is required, there will be no need to carry out a “deep” technique. Instead, dentists will focus on clearing dirt and stains from seeable surfaces. Assume medical diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis are the reason. In that case, a deep cleaning may be necessary, and patients can expect a little longer treatment time. They must follow more detailed aftercare suggestions to stop infections. Teeth cleaning also differs in the portion of cleaning needed.

What Should I Expect From Teeth Cleaning?

Professional teeth cleaning techniques are relatively straightforward, pain-free, and very sufficient, whether they are carried out for cosmetic or medical reasons. Patients will be satisfied with the aesthetic outcomes and have a high chance of enhanced gum or tooth health.

The result is not permanent. Whitening and reducing plaque deposits won’t stay forever, and follow-up cleaning treatment is recommended every six months. You must follow dental recommendations about improving your daily dental cleaning routine. After teeth cleaning, please practice extra care when brushing, flossing, and eating. Teeth and gums may be sensitive for up to a week, and you must avoid such hard foods.

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