Sinus Lift 

A sinus lift is a treatment developed to improve the quantity of available jawbone in the upper jaw. This additional bone is required for the successful placement of dental implants. Once the sinus membrane is lifted, your dentist can perform a bone graft.

Sinus Lift In A Nutshell

Sinus Lift is For

• Patients without sufficient upper jawbone density to support a dental implant.

Sinus Lift Treatment In Turkey

• Minimum stay: 1 – 3 days

• Number of trips: 1

Sinus Lift Treatment Duration

• The treatment takes about two hours.

Sinus Lift Recovery Period

• Most patients recover about three to six months after installing the new implant.

Sinus Lift Success Rate

• A sinus lift with a dental implant that lasts 10 to 15 years is primarily regarded as a success.

Possible Risks & Side Effects

• Torn sinus membrane

• Infection

• Swelling

• Ongoing pain

• Bleeding

• Additional loss of bone

How Much Does Sinus Lift Cost In Turkey?

Prices of a sinus lift have steadied in the last years. Regardless, general costs can still be conditional on the doctor you choose and the country you have the treatment. We’ve summarized starting costs for one sinus lift in several locations. Remember that these are not set or assured and may vary based on many other factors.

One Sinus LiftAnesthesia TypePrice In US $

Internal Method

Excluding Bone Graft

Local Anesthesia$135-$225

External Method

Excluding Bone Graft

Local Anesthesia$135-$225
CountryPrice In Us $
Czech Republic$250
United Kingdom$550


What Is Sinus Lift Procedure?

A sinus lift is a treatment developed to improve the quantity of available jawbone in the upper jaw as preparation and support for a dental implant. Usually called a sinus augmentation, the treatment aims to move the sinus membrane to create room for the new, grafted bone. Most individuals need a sinus lift in preparation for a dental implant procedure. If you’ve lost teeth and like them restored, a dental implant is often the most helpful way to replace them. Yet, for implants to work, they need bone for placement. Unfortunately, the jawbone density can decline and vanish as we age.

Sinus Lift: Step by Step Guide

While the Sinus Lift procedure can differ depending on individual cases, some standard steps are applied.


Before a sinus lift procedure, replacement bone must be sourced for the graft. This bone can come from you (possibly from your mouth, leg, or hip). Before treatment begins, your dentist will take detailed X-rays or CT scans of your jaw. This will supply an anatomy map of your jaw and the sinus membrane. This also allows the dentist to take accurate measures in preparation for surgery.

The Procedure

The sinus lifting procedure begins with an incision on the gum area. The gum tissue is then lifted to reveal the jaw bone underneath. The dentist has to cut out a small space in the jaw to access your sinus membrane. The dentist moves the membrane upwards, away from the jawbone. Afterwards, the dentist can pack the resulting room with replacement bone. In most cases, several millimetres of grafted bone is required to supply the area.


When the space left by the sinus membrane is fully loaded with bone, the surgeon can close the area with stitches. Then follows a three to six months healing period. The grafted material is given time to integrate with the jawbone.

Different Types of Sinus Lift

The essential principle of a sinus lift is permanently the same. The only difference is how the surgeon gains access to the sinus membrane. The most standard method is the lateral window technique. The crestal core elevation and osteotome technique are less familiar. Nevertheless, these methods can lead to less pain and faster recovery times. Your dentist will examine which methods will be used for your treatment. Some specialists have used collagen growth factors in the last few years. In some patients, these factors help faster healing, helping the graft to combine with the current jawbone within a few weeks. The dentist takes these growth factors from your blood before the operation. They’re then added to the graft material before installing it into your jaw.

What Should I Expect From Sinus Lift?

You’ll be offered a local anaesthetic before the treatment, so don’t feel pain while in the dentist’s chair. Regardless, there may be pain, swelling, and discomfort during the first five days later. In most cases, your dentist will offer to place the dental implants simultaneously as the sinus lift. Or You’ll likely need to wait a few months after the sinus lift for your implants.

Slight bleeding from your mouth and nose after a sinus lift is expected. Your dentist will provide precise instructions for your general wellbeing and dental implants. Please follow them.

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