Surgical Tooth Extraction

Surgical or complicated tooth extraction is needed when a simple extraction is impossible. The process usually involves removing or moving your gum tissues to access the tooth. In some points, your dentist may need to extract some bone.

Surgical Tooth Extraction In A Nutshell

Surgical Tooth Extraction Is For

• When a simple extraction will not perform.

• When you experience a tooth fracture during a simple extraction.

• In cases of submerged or compact wisdom teeth.

• When the tooth has an unusually long root.

• In cases of a damaged tooth root.

• When the bone around the tooth is denser-than-normal.

• In cases of chemotherapy or organ transplant surgery.

Tooth Extraction Treatment In Turkey

• Days of stay: 1 Day

• Number of trips: 1 Visit

Surgical Tooth Extraction Treatment Duration

• The typical surgical tooth extraction can take between 30 minutes and two hours.

Surgical Tooth Extraction Recovery Period

• Pain, bump, and bleeding should reduce after 24 hours.

Surgical Tooth Extraction Success Rate

• The success rate of standard surgical tooth extractions is around 95%.

Possible Risks & Side Effects

• A “dry socket” occurs when a blood clot doesn’t develop over the open tooth site.

• Infection

• Immoderate bleeding

• Nauseousness

• Extreme swelling

How Much Does Surgical Tooth Extraction Cost In Turkey?

Prices of surgical tooth extraction have steadied in the last years. Regardless, general costs can still be conditional on the doctor you choose and the country you have the treatment. Down, we’ve summarised starting costs for one surgical tooth extraction in several different locations. Remember that these are not set or assured and may vary based on many other factors.

TreatmentPrice In US $
Tooth Extraction$35
Surgical Tooth Extraction$120-225
CountryPrice In US $
Czech Republic$190
United Kingdom$370

What Is the Surgical Tooth Extraction Procedure?

Teeth are extracted for many reasons, including overcrowding, decay, and chronic pain. In most chances, a dentist can “remove” the tooth in one piece. But when this is impossible, surgical tooth extraction is required. When pulling out by forceps is not likely, the dentist must remove gum and bone tissue. While most extractions can be done under a local anaesthetic, You might need a general anaesthetic if extensive surgery. The extraction is usually done in a hospital if the issue is potentially severe. A maxillofacial surgeon and a team of dental assistants may complete this challenging procedure.

Surgical Tooth Extraction: Step by Step Guide

1. Anesthesia

Your dentist will start by giving you a couple of injections. Depending on the nature of the issue, two or more may be required in your gum. There’s a possibility that you will be offered a general anaesthetic.

2. Incision

A small incision is created within the gum to access the tooth. This allows the dentist better access to the tooth and the surrounding bone.

3. Tooth Removal

Your dentist will consistently try to remove the tooth in a single piece. Nevertheless, this isn’t always achievable. The safest method is to break the tooth into pieces in some cases before extracting each piece separately using special tools.

4. Stitching

When the dentist is sure that the whole tooth has been removed, they will utilize two or three stitches to close the open site. The stitches are usually dissolvable, so you do not need to attend a different appointment for their removal.

What Are The Different Types Of Surgical Tooth Extraction?

The surgical tooth extraction techniques rely on the problem’s scale and nature. After the incision, your dentist will use a range of various dental instruments to extract the tooth. Some dentists may crack the tooth into portions with a drill. In many cases, revealing more of the tooth can make removing it by forceps easy.

What Should I Expect From Surgical Tooth Extraction?

A good dentist will try to minimize the pain you encounter. Nevertheless, this is an invasive surgery and will have a degree of pain – most of which is felt after the process. You will be in the dental chair for up to two hours. Although most tooth extractions are completed far faster, difficulties can lead to longer surgeries. Most people can undergo surgical tooth extraction with a local anaesthetic. But if the extraction is complicated, a general anaesthetic may be essential.

In contrast, the actual procedure takes just 30 minutes. After extraction, most people are left with an open site in their gum where the extracted tooth used to be. You’ll need to mind strict eating, drinking, and hygiene approaches for up to 10 days to let the wound recover completely. This might involve some upset in your daily routines. Your dentist will give you the recovery period instructions in detail.

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