Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment treats a tooth that has evolved highly infected or decayed. While not consistently successful, the process protects teeth and stops following infections in the future.

Root Canal Treatment In A Nutshell

Root Canal Treatment Is For

People with a severe tooth infection.

People who had many infections in the same tooth.

People with a severe gum infection.

Root Canal Treatment In Turkey

Minimum stay: 1 to 2 days

Number of trips: 1 visit to Turkey.

Root Canal Treatment Duration

Most root canal treatments require two or three appointments.

Each appointment takes about 30 and 60 minutes.

Root Canal Treatment Recovery Period

Returning to normal eating and cleaning routine immediately after the final treatment session.

A little pain involves a few patients for a few days after treatment.

Recovery can be complicated depending on the tooth or jaw damage.

Infections can come back, but future root canal treatments are achievable.

Root Canal Treatment Success Rate

90% of root canals preserve the affected tooth for a minimum of eight years.

Tooth survival rates are significantly boosted when a crown is placed.

Success rates and the life of a treated tooth significantly improve when the patient sticks to strict oral hygiene routines.

The rates of success rely on how much of the tooth remains. A lot of treated teeth stay a lifetime.

Possible Risks & Side Effects

Inflammation of the around tissues

Residual pain

Darkening of the treated tooth

Fracturing of the tooth

An extraction may be required if the process is unsuccessful.

How Much Does Root Canal Treatment Cost In Turkey?

Prices of root canal treatment have steadied in the last years. Regardless, general costs can still be conditional on the doctor you choose and the country you have the treatment. Down, we’ve summarised starting costs for one simple root canal treatment in several different locations. Remember that these are not set or assured and may vary based on many other factors.

Root Canal TypePrice In US $

Simple Root Canal

Filling included


Complicated Root Canal

Filling included

CountryPrice In US $
Czech Republic$100
Germany $120
United Kingdom$180


What Is The Root Canal Procedure?

Root canal treatment is developed to extract infected tissue and surrounding tissues inside a tooth. The procedure is administered within the internal paths of the tooth – between the pulp and the roots. This will usually control the pain in your tooth but not necessarily in the infected sites near it. There are many causes why you might need a root canal. The most familiar is decay caused by poor dental hygiene routines. Other possible causes include cracks or chips and disease in the tooth. The necessity for a root canal treatment is usually quite evident. The main sign is chronic pain, generally increased by eating, pressure, and hot and cold beverages. Other symptoms you might need the treatment for include a small bump in your gum, tenderness, swelling, and darkening of the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment: Step by Step Guide

A root canal treatment is divided into three appointments. Each visit takes 30 to 90 minutes.

There are five phases in a root canal treatment, including:

1. Diagnosis

To diagnose the situation, your dentist is required to take an x-ray. This will define how bad the condition is and whether extraction is required. All On Dental can help you with your diagnosis: email us your x-rays, and we will prepare the treatment plan in detail.

2. Numb the Tooth

The first step of root canal treatment involves numbing the tooth and the surrounding gum. This guarantees you do not feel anything during the process.

Your dentist will also ensure to keep the infected tooth clean, dry, and isolated during treatment.

3. Access the Dental Pulp

After the local anaesthesia, your dentist will create a hole through the biting enamel of your tooth and into the pulp canal. This lets them access the dental pulp smoothly and quickly.

4. Remove the Dental Pulp

Clearing the infected dental pulp is an essential step of root canal treatment. Your dentist will carefully extract all soft tissue from the roots and then clean and shape the root canals with a small instrument. Then they will put a drugged irrigation liquid into the root canal to disinfect it and flush out any bacteria.

5. Fill and Seal the Root Canal

After removing the infection, your dentist will seal the root canal and place a temporary filling.

6. Tooth Restoration

After the root canal is done, your dentist must prepare for dental crown placement. The crown shields the treated tooth and restores its natural look, form, and function.

What Are The Different Types Of Root Canal Treatment?

While there may be some slight differences in the treatments performed by other dentists, the main principles of the treatment remain the same. Removing the nerve is not always essential, but your dentist will examine this with you before the process. If the first root canal treatment isn’t successful, you might redo the treatment. This procedure applies to removing the crown or filling and sealing material within the tooth. All the canals are cleaned, and a new crown or filling is administered. If the canals within your tooth are blocked – or extremely narrow – your dentist might choose to perform endodontic surgery. This involves a small incision to allow for the sealing of the opposing end of the root.

What Should I Expect From Root Canal Treatment?

While some pain is likely to happen during or after the root canal treatment, many patients don’t report any significant pain. Of course, many individuals are anxious about such an invasive treatment. Try to remain calm and still. You’re likely to experience abnormal sensations and much vibration, but this is normal. Root canal treatments are now standard for dentists. Expect up to three sessions, or more may be required if there are complications.

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