If you wonder what to do after dental implant treatment, please read this guide until the end. This guide will cover all the post-operative do and don’t for successful healing and integration of the implant. (If you have any questions that we didn’t mention in this guide, please call us)

For The Rest Of The Day Up To One Week: (Please read till the end)

• Do not spit. Wipe your mouth with a tissue or swallow your saliva.

• Do not use a drinking straw. Drink directly from the cup.

• Do not smoke. Try to cut smoking for one week or one month if possible.

• Maintain fingers and tongue away from the area of the implants.

• Limit food to tender food and smoothies. Avoid any food that requires chewing.

• Avoid eating while the anaesthesia effect is active to prevent injury to your mouth, lips, tongue, and gum tissues.

• Do not use mouthwash to rinse your mouth for the first three days.

• Apply an ice pack or cold compress on the cheeks where the implant was placed to reduce the swelling. Keep doing this at ten minutes intervals for the first 12 hours post-treatment.

• Avoid hot and carbonated beverages and grainy foods as they stash in the wound and cause complications.

• It is normal to have some bruising and swelling after the dental implant treatment.

• Do not consume any alcoholic beverages.

• Avoid hot shower, Sauna, and Staying in hot steam.

Using a straw, spitting, smoking, and poking the implant site can dislodge the developing blood clot and increase bleeding from the site. Also, smoking can raise the odds of an infection.

Medication: (Till You Finish The Box)

You will probably have been given one or more prescriptions for post-implant medication. Take all the medication as directed. 

Call us if you have any queries or experience severe nausea, diarrhoea, or allergic reaction.

• Antibiotics: Continue till you finish all the pills, do not quit halfway.

• Pain Killers: It is essential to take painkillers. Take one or two tablets every 4-6 hours for the first two days.

Avoid taking blood thinners as they may prolong the bleeding.

Diet: (Keep It On For Five Days)

When the local anaesthesia wears off. You are advised to stay with soft, non-abrasive food like:

Mashed potatoes, pasta, cottage cheese, soups (Not hot!), and scrambled eggs.

Water, Ice Cream, Applesauce, Jell-O, Pudding, Yogurt, and Milkshake without a straw!.

Please avoid food that requires chewing, acidic food, or beverages.

You may continue with your regular diet after approximately one week. However, please try not to chew directly on the implant areas.


Expect minor bleeding in the first three days. The bleeding will usually subside slowly. We recommend:

Hold gauze on the implant areas with little biting pressure for 30–45 minutes.


You will experience some swelling after the dental implant procedure. It may be mild or severe and is different for every individual. Some bruising might develop on the face. We recommend:

Use Ice-Packing to the side of your mouth where the implants were placed. Keep doing this at 10-minute intervals for the first 12 hours post-treatment.

Keep your head elevated, even while reading this guide, using your phone, and trying to sleep on your back.

Oral Hygiene:

You can gently start rinsing your mouth one-day post-treatment with lukewarm salt water(add 1 tsp of salt per glass).

Use a soft toothbrush to prevent causing damage to the implants and the gum tissues surrounding them. Be gentle 🙂

Make sure you are brushing and cleaning at least twice a day.

Bone Graft Materials:

Suppose you received bone graft materials during your dental implant placement. In that case, you might notice some gritty little things in your mouth. Don’t worry, this is normal, and should go within two days.


The sutures used to stitch the gum tissues will fall out, or you will have to remove them after 8-10 days post-treatment.


Take it easy, please. Avoid training and intense physical exercises for seven days post-treatment.

Avoid kneeling and prostration. We recommend keeping your head elevated.

It is recommended too.

Sexual intercourse is a form of exercise. It gradually increased the pulse in your bloodstream and said increased flow would result in your surgery site bleeding.

Crown Placement:

Your dentist will attach the dental crown to the implant once the implant is completely integrated and fused with the jawbone. (osseointegration)

It takes three to six months and is subjective to individual bone healing.

Dental Checkups:

Every six months, dental checkups are essential! They will allow your dentist to detect potential issues early and treat them before they get bigger. Consider having professional cleaning to remove hard and soft plaque and give your gum tissues cleaning.


We love questions, and we are here for you!

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